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American Smithsonian 150th Anniversary Tour
– One of only four companies to be awarded this contract.

Commerce Bank – Provide service for 29 locations and properties and have partnered with Commerce for over 25 years.

Pfizer, Inc. – We not only provide daily maintenance cleaning, but we have provided day porter services, specializing in hood, lab, clean room, sterility room, and executive offices. We also worked directly with the manufacturing process for cleaning a sanitizing oven before the injectable was deposited in the bottle to insure there was no particulate. We also maintain their Warehouse as well as the Geo Space in the Caves. This has been a 15 plus year relationship.

Calmar Plastic – We have partnered with Calmar for over 13 years and supported them in total plant relocation from Lee’s Summit to Grandview. We assisted in cleaning a multi-million dollar renovation to the House of Lloyds building over several months and helped maintain both locations until they were completely relocated. We provide both day and night shift coverage seven days per week.

Superior Lexus – We have had a relationship with Lexus for 13 years now and were instrumental in helping them win national and international awards. Lexus now uses the day porter program that we instated and use programs that we helped write in most of their dealerships across the nation. This program was highlighted in the Lexus trade publication for Operation Managers and was taken to Japan to be taught in a customer service-training course.

Independence Event Center – Our former company performed the final post-construction green cleaning for the Event Center to prepare for the Grand Opening Ceremony. The Event Center is a 5800 seat, 29 luxury suite ice and concert arena with 426 windows that had to be cleaned in less than four days for the public opening for season tickets holders to see where the new Kansas City Maverick Hockey Team will have their inaugural season.  As well as doing the post-construction clean-up, we are currently doing the weekly cleaning of the Community Ice Center.

These are just a few examples of how 180 Elite Cleaning, Inc. puts the customer back into customer service. We have worked very hard to gain the trust and respect of our partners, and do everything to maintain it. If you would like more examples, please let me know and I would be glad to meet with you and share the complete history of our former company. Now with the complete culture shift of total commitment to the green cleaning processes…

“We are once again at the top of the mountain while others are still looking for it.”  Trish M. Walker