We are Industry Trail Blazers, Innovators, and Advocates

Founded by Trish Walker out of the need for a more mindful cleaning process and a hands on approach to customers in a customer service starve world, 180 Elite Cleaning is the culmination of over 25 years in the industry. She has been the driving force behind some of the top eco-friendly responsible companies in the world, and changing their approach to green cleaning for health.

At 180 Elite we have very extensive knowledge of LEED, USGBC, and Green Building Certifications in sustainability. She has been involved in the green certification of buildings for over 15 years now, when most people are just getting started, she was years down the road of green processes.

We worked with the Smithsonian using green techniques when it was also most unheard of back in 1996 and with Pfizer over the last 20 years with clean rooms, using microfiber and bio-based chemicals, trying to leave the smallest chemical footprint possible.

We received a LEED gold certification with Missouri Bank project with Helix that we did all the documentation for, as well as, the post construction, air quality testing, and existing green cleaning.

We wrote the green cleaning law for the state of Missouri and after helping get passed, were appointed by the Governor to the panel to construct the cleaning recommendation for all schools K-12 for the state.

With a need for standards, we created of “180GreenClean,” one of the first total green cleaning programs in the United States. We will come in and work with you to design a specialized green program that works for your buildings; it will be tailored to fit your needs, a custom thumbprint if you will. 

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